Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Angelina Jolie got gyped

15 People Who Make America Great - The Giving Back Awards - MSNBC.com
Brad Pitt is one of those 15 for bringing attention to Africa. It should at least have been them as a couple, not him by himself, if at all.

I hate articles like this - pointlessly cheesy - instead of patting Soledad O'Brien on the back for reporting from Katrina, why doesn't Newsweek do its own journalistic public service and write an insightful piece about post-Katrina recovery?

Another reason this "15 people..." cover is stupid: it actually honors 33 people, 2 non-profits, and Target. Like they realized they had to find some way to put Oprah in there, or else their list would somehow be incomplete...

Clearly I am procrastinating today.


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